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June 10, 2021


Armor Games Studios

Your plan was simple: steal a giant, crawling mech, also known as a Nauticrawl, evade capture, and make a break for freedom. Find clues to unravel your whereabouts, but know - this is only the first of your many problems...

To go further, you will have to explore the giant machine from top to bottom to learn the steps necessary to make it move. Pull levers, flip switches, and experiment with everything. But beware of what other dangers lie beyond the horizon…

A Rogue Escape is a more tactile, experience-driven VR re-imagination of Spare Parts Oasis' first title: Nauticrawl. The player anticipated VR adventure offers a new and highly immersive experience for new and existing fans alike!

-Test your intuition by mastering 5 distinct control centers within the Nauticrawl
-In-game adjustable floor for players of all heights
-Playable in 9 languages

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