Airport Ground Handling Simulator VR


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April 14, 2023



This is an Early Access of a consumer version of the professional VR training software developed by AVIAR and used by the biggest airports and ground handlers to train their ground staff on an everyday basis. And finally, it is available to the public. In this VR simulation, your role is a ground crew member and you will perform different tasks during an aircraft turnaround process at the airport. This is a unique first-hand experience with the highest realism, insane details, and a very serious approach. AVIAR presents the Starter Pack of the first 5 scenarios - each scenario works in training and exam modes. Starter Pack includes the following scenarios: Pre-Arrival Ramp Checks, Aircraft Marshalling, Ground Support Equipment Connections, Aircraft Cargo Doors Operations, and Pre-Departure Checks - all in various weather and lighting conditions with random issues and hazardous events. Many other scenarios will follow soon and will be available to Starter Pack owners. Always wanted to know what is exactly going on around the planes on the ground? Don’t ask. Try this at home.

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