Alliance XR Culture Gallery


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May 26, 2022


The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture

Come experience the first exhibition, a work-in-progress called ANCESTRAL FUTURISM: UNAPOLOGETICALLY MELANATED (avirtual exploration of the Mythic + da Truth!). Visitors to the XR Culture Gallery will experience works of art by Catherine Blackburn, Lola Flash, Jessi Jumanji, Karo Duro, and Valentina Vargas – and many others to follow. We co-created this space with the hope of building access to technology for those traditionally excluded from opportunity. We share a great resistance to participating in a virtual reality where many people are not safe and not seen, or cannot afford to participate. We hope that one day, our work can be part of the global movement for a more humane, just, equitable and sustainable future where we all survive, and we all belong.

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