Megan Thee Stallion AmazeVR Concert


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November 15, 2022


AmazeVR, Inc

[Quest 2 and Quest Pro only] AmazeVR Megan Thee Stallion VR Concert transports you to a futuristic and interactive world where the 3-time Grammy award winning rapper snaps, claps and twerks inches away from you. Get front-row seats to the most intimate performance you’ll ever see with crystal clarity and unprecedented proximity through live-action 3D footage.

What fans are saying:

“From start to finish, this is what a VR concert experience should be. The quality is so crystal clear, the environments are expansive, and there’s cool interactive moments too. Can’t wait for their next one, great job AmazeVR.” - Lazer Kaboom

“As someone who is most definitely not part of the target demographic I friggin’ LOVE this. It will become one of the go-to VR experiences to be shown to friends & family” - SirRealDeal

“It was so realistic I actually felt slightly embarrassed, like I was staring and maybe watching an intimate show not meant for me.” - Airy

“Loved every second of it, super cool I can’t wait for more concerts in the future!” - Matthew Maranan

The free trial offers a preview of one interactive stage. The full ‘Enter Thee Hottieverse’ VR Concert Pack includes behind the scenes footage and shareable highlights from your Hottieverse experience.

Megan Thee Stallion is the first of many artists to be featured on the
AmazeVR app. Be on the lookout for more VR Concerts with new artists in 2023.

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