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July 12, 2021


Gregory Campion

Will you stay alive until the end of the music?

Aria is an action game both relaxing by its bucolic landscapes (Africa, Japan, Canada...) and upbeat by its beautiful and vigorous classical compositions. Do not hesitate anymore, take your bow and fight your ennemies to the sound of Tchaïkovski, Wagner, Handel...

After being released on rift, the game has been improved for the quest to delivered an even more fun experience.

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December 3, 2021


First, thank you developers for this fun game, the environment landscapes are beautiful, the music are great, the gameplay are fun and challenged. More landscapes and more music please if possible because this is fun game to play. More please One suggestion to help the player to get better .. some indication or pointer to show the direction of the coming enemy to the player , because this is one player vs many enemies . A laser pointer will be good to show direction where the enemy is coming. also to show the distance how far the enemy away from the player if possible . The player has only 3 heart life , can I have more because just want to play to end of the music before run out of the . Option to have more life or infinite . How long is music playing, may be a timer count down to show end of the music will be helpful. I do recommend this game to everyone to enjoy, because it is challenging.

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