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March 2, 2023


Beyond Frames Entertainment

ARK and ADE is an action-jammed FPS shooter in which you get to experience the glory of the 80’s arcade era in a neon fused setting . Shoot your way through retro-futuristic levels filled with enemies, iconic over the top bosses and never ending bullets!

Collect secrets and trophies, enjoy destructible environments and cover as you utilize an array of immersive features such as bullet time, shield and dual-wielding weapons. Protect the ARK at all costs and help fight back the AI threat! Insert coin to play!

• Three game modes: Endless, Arena and Arcade
• Many unique and recognizable (well if you enjoy the era specific pop-cultural references at least...) bosses
• Gorgeous aesthetics – play the insides of an arcade cabinet
• Choose between free locomotion and teleport movement
• Difficulty settings fit both beginners and challenge hardcore players
• Detailed statistics and dozens of achievements and secrets
• Compatible with bHaptics, ProTube VR and Liv

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February 2, 2022


ARK-ADE is definitely what I would call a "hidden gem" in the Oculus library. The game isn't as popular as it deserves to be just yet and honestly, I never expected it to be so much fun. Dont think twice. This is one of the best games on Oculus Quest 2. It's an amazing shooter with levels inspired by 80s and 90s arcade machine. It feels like a Pistol Whip but without the rhythm part. The boss battles can be challenging and fun. I can't wait to see what is next for ARK-ADE and I hope it will eventually get to the main store - it surely deserves.

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