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October 27, 2023


Unity 3D

"They've promised that dreams can come true - but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too". - Oscar Wilde

You wake up on an idyllic white sandy beach. A light breeze makes you shiver as the sun sets on the horizon. After a peaceful walk along the beach, you discover a huge dark bunker gate, which opens as you approach, inviting you to come in.

Your curiosity takes over and you decide to explore the place, revealing a wide underground complex. But what started as a perfect dream quickly turns into a bad one when you realized you're not alone in here.

Find your way out, explore, solve puzzles and fight for your survival. Or your sanity.

Bad Dreams is not a game that should be played by everybody. It’s a unique experience filled with horrors and secrets. So be ready to face your darkest dream.

But never... Ever... FALL INTO MADNESS.

In Bad Dreams, you must watch your sanity gauge very carefully and keep it as low as possible. If you don't, insanity will take hold of you and you will see strange things. Watch your wristband because it will "bip" when you're going to be mad. The fastest it bips, the closest you are to insanity.

Use flashlight or matches to explore a dark underground network. Crouch and be quiet to avoid unnecessary fight.

Pray to take the good path or die and try again.

Do not forget your flashlight battery or embrace the darkness and its subjects.

Into Madness !

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