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December 12, 2022



Banter is a Social VR experience that allows you to enjoy hanging out with friends whilst having fun. You can select from a huge number of custom avatars provided by Ready Player Me. Rather than appeal to younger players, we want Banter to be a place where adults can hang out and enjoy each other's company.

Banter provides more presence than other social VR experiences because it provides full-body avatars with arms and legs, something we think is essential to feel present in your digital self. We look forward to supporting hi quality full-body tracking soon without the need for an expensive PC or equipment.

Enjoy crystal clear spatial audio so you can hear your friends in VR, find your crew and enjoy casual mini-games that don't impose on the social experience too much. Run, jump, climb even zipline with a physics-enabled character allowing you to explore every part of Banter.

Build your own spaces and games with our Aframe integration!

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