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April 14, 2021



Watch the sunset in virtual reality.

Be free and go sailing on your own yacht surrounded by relaxing ocean! You can steer, control the sails and teleport around the boat.

Meet others sailors in an optional multiplayer mode and learn how to sail with friends.

Go on an adventure in "the Quest mode".

Happy sailing!

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September 3, 2021


I took a fancy to this app not only because I thought it would be a cool VR experience, but how it provides a mental retreat and promotes a peaceful environment that can have a tremendous impact on your health as the environment you're in or placed in can make all the difference for behavior. For example, take silence; it is by far the best atmosphere because it's where our mind goes and what our mind creates to try to make sense out of what we are going through that makes us believe and behave in at that moment seem real. Yet, I only had this app for a day and already I love it as you have created a place that soothes my disturbed mind and I would recommend it to anyone who was suffering from a mental illness! I named my boat 'TEENIE TINY TITANIC' LOL! I even stood at the front of the boat like I saw Jack do in the movie Titanic, and yelled: "I'm King of the World!" Thanks for that option! I thought it was even cooler of all the options in the menu that you can have for gameplay like: go sailing, treasure hunt, and multiplayer mode. Although, I would love to see, maybe... gameplay where a wakeboard appears in the back of the boat that you can ride on while the boat drives. Or, maybe, what if... you could water ski or waterboard? Also, an option that allows you to just sit and enjoy the scenery would be nice. Other than that I look forward to seeing what else this app comes out within its updates, it's so worth it and pays for itself because you can't put a price on mental health.

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