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September 7, 2021



An ecological catastrophe. Everything is black carbon. Is that all? There it is, a single plant fights and survives successfully … Which plant is it? How did it survive? Let’s see here, let’s get closer to it … However, it runs away … Runs away from me, away from the human, runs away to survive… Will it? Or maybe the plant that resists, that flees, is a symbol of life? The elixir of life? Hope for the future? Demonstration of the power of nature, survival … I am a being that has also survived the ecological catastrophe, which tries to attract the eluding tree, I am Übermensch, above death, above every devastation and catastrophe. Can we work together to rebuild the world which technology has destroyed? I try to approach the tree that is distrustfully fleeing, to cultivate and make our common future better.

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October 10, 2021


This game is a blessing to our lives. It has made me realize the importance of trees in our life and we should not remove them or else we will have to play this game, which is a masterpiece dont get me wrong, in real life. The other reviews are total bogus do not trust them. This game is something to be remembered forever. I rate this game 5 stars, but I'd give it a star for every tree on Earth. Best Game Ever.

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