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December 15, 2022


Elastic Sea

Blockworks is a creative VR sandbox. Express your full creativity and build anything your mind can imagine!

Classic Mode
Follow instructions and build from built-in sets and hundreds of workshop submissions. Build one page at the time.

Sandbox Mode
The only limit is your imagination. All blocks and all materials are at your disposal. You can save your block creations in the library or share them on the game workshop.

Endless Mode
No longer limited by table size, you have an infinite area to build on. Place the blocks on the studs in the ground.

● 100s of block types
● 30 materials
● 5 build-in sets
● 4 environments
● 100s of workshop builds

- use you virtual hands to grab and manipulate blocks. When blocks are close enough each other a blue preview will show up. Dropped block will instantly connect to the other block. Help blocks are highlighted, when the disconnect button is hit, the highlighted block is separated from the rest of the group. The game features lot of buttons and gizmos that have good feeling feedback. There is no UI in the game.

Join our official Discord for more fun outside the game!

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