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June 16, 2022


Deep Dive Interactive

In Bocce Time! you'll head down to a peaceful park or atmospheric pier to test your bocce skills across 12 distinct courts. Jump into a quick match to 1v1 a random opponent online, create and join private rooms with up to 8 players, or play against AI across 3 difficulties to unlock additional ball customization options. With full cross-play, everyone's invited to join the fun! It's Bocce Time!

Bocce ball is an ancient and simple game about getting your balls closest to the target. Players throw out a small ball called a pallino and then up to 4 teams take turns trying to get their balls closest to it, blocking, knocking, and blasting each others' balls in the process.

The pallino can land anywhere in bounds and every ball can impact the others, resulting in an ever shifting playing field where the target can change with every throw. It's easy to learn, but difficult to master, and when millimeters can make the difference between defeat and victory, individual skill really shines!

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80 ratings

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June 17, 2022


Excellent VR implementation of a classic game.

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