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November 28, 2022



Are you lonely?
Do you want something cutting edge, but also just chill and sit down in your living room?
We got the solution!

Boxtrix is a competitive puzzle game in your own living room!
Sit down and challenge your wits!
Get your name on the leaderboard and show everyone that you are much smarter then them.
Or just chill and play casually.
Time to enjoy some cool cubes!

Boxtrix has three modes, Timed, Time Limit and Creative.

In Timed mode, each turn has a ticking timer, so you better place your next cube before it runs out!

In Time Limit, each game has a fixed length, so you can take however long you want before placing each block.
This mode is all about planning your build, and figuring out a way to get those really high scores by scoring combos!

And finally Creative mode - no time limits here!
Just you, and your cubes.
Hope you have a good time together! ;)

The base game is completely free!

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