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March 31, 2022



The only Infinite Run game in VR!
Challenge your friends in an infinite run gameplay and see who emerges victorious. Enter a cyberpunk world and enjoy multiple game modes:

Multiplayer Mode
Campaign Mode
Dual Wield Mode
Brisk Mode

Future! In the wake of a cataclysm! You are the prey in a world full of hunters. Run, overpower them and free the violent streets in this intensively fast-paced cyber adventure. Be the decisive last stand in an infinite run gameplay by starting with a simple blade and evolve step by step to unlock more advanced weapons. Make your way ahead in the game by sword-slashing with your one hand and use superior powers to push/pull/crash objects with your other one and collect enough points to reach the top of a worldwide leaderboard.

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April 19, 2022


Wow! This reminds me of Pistol Whip, but with swords, and no musical timing to worry about. The music in the game is excellent though and suits it perfectly. You also have telekinesis powers that you can use the way you decide to, along with a Matrix style slow-motion ability to give you a bit more time to avoid incoming bullets or to slice up your enemy. Being able to kill enemies with a dart is also an option, but with any of the additional powers, there is a cooldown period before you can use them again. Powering up your sword is a good thing to do as well, since it's your main weapon to begin with. That's where the skill tree comes into play, where you can decide what powers or sword abilities you want to improve and put the points you accumulate into. Basically, it means you decide how you want to play the game, and encourages you to continue leveling up, which is also called grinding, but in this game is extremely fun to do so no matter how often you die during a run and have to start over. Making it further and further as you level up definitely puts a smile on your face. You can also buy new weapons to try through credits earned in game, and also hop into multiplayer mode to see if you can go further than the people you're playing up against before dying. It's simply a fun, futuristic style action game, that will also give you a decent workout if you play it long enough, and is definitely worth the current asking price, as the devs have put a lot of effort and polish into their game. They're also very active on their Discord site in responding to questions and taking people's feedback seriously. Definitely a big thumbs up and highly recommended. :)

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