Bullets 'n' Blades VR Demo


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September 8, 2021


Event Horizon Studios

Bullets and Blades VR is an immersive rhythm experience inspired to action movies! Dance your way against waves of enemies, dodging, shooting and slashing in freeform through the beat - every enemy requires skill, dedication and the correct attacks.

- Movie-inspired combat in sync with the beat
- Handcrafted levels on unique tunes with different ranges of difficulty
- Easy to learn, freeform combat that requires dedication to reach the high scores
- Challenge yourself and try to score the highest ranks
- A fun way to exercise and keep a good cardio, with natural and personal style

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January 21, 2022


Do you love Beat Saber? Do you love Pistol Whip? Now, imagine both these great games had a secret lovechild and it would look like Bullets'n'Blades. Sword in one hand, gun in the other. Slide and dice the blue guys, put a round into the red guys, duck and weave your way through hoards of spaceships racing your way. Oh, and some of the blue guys have shields, so you've got to shoot the shield, then slash and the blue guy. And all of this to some wicked beats and pumping soundtracks! Seriously, I've never been moved to write a review for a VR game. But this game really gets me moving and sweating...and it's just a demo! Imagine what the devs have in stall for us in the future!? OK, but I do have some criticisms: 1. I'm not clear on how the points system work. When, exactly, am I supposed to shoot or slash at a bad guy for max points? 2. The spaceships....I like the idea of getting the player to duck and weave, but those spaceships look like of silly. Maybe replace them with bridges or pillars or some kind of environment obstacle. Those are my only two criticisms for what is easily one of the best games I've played and that I keep coming back to...despite the fact that it's just a demo. I know I'll be forking out the money for this one when it comes out, but if the demo is anything to go by, it'll be absolutely worth it!

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