Car Parking Simulator


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March 10, 2021


Sloppy Studios

Car Parking Simulator is a fully interactive, realistic and immersive car parking experience. Introducing one of the most advanced and dynamic car physics in VR.

Giving players more wings of freedom by introducing a Free Roam mode in a town with a realistic traffic system, bustling with various fun activities and challenges to compete in, or just drive around and chill with any of your unlocked vehicles.

- All cars have realistic controls and interactive interiors with customizable right or left steering orientations.- Three main vehicle challenges, ranging from Sedan, SUV and Hatchback.
- Formula One (F1) vehicle available as a bonus car for fun!
- Different exhilarating environments in different parts of the day and night cycles.
- Total 65 levels, giving you ratings based on your driving and challenge completion skills.
- A free roam mode for players to explore using any of the unlocked vehicles or to try its own activities and challenges.

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January 6, 2022


I've had this game for a while now and yet it still manages to excite me every time I play it! The concept of being able to drive around a city and completing missions such as finding a parking spot and parking within a limited amount of time, racing within the time given and especially the skyscraper mission with the hatchback is immaculate. It makes the game worth while and yes ofcourse perhaps playing it for a long while gives you motion sickness (can't relate) most games do however, it's still a great experience There are many levels for users to complete and honestly, I also think this game is very educational! It would be a great way to teach younger users the basics of driving, who knows maybe that could even be a future part of the game. Another cool idea could be adding buses to the game in the near future and picking up/dropping off the npcs in the bus. The price of the game is more than right for what is given and I can only imagine ofcourse in the future with development of the game it'll become abit more expensive which is only right. Though I do wish the parking mode was bigger in space and possibly more difficult (indicators and whatnot) the game is actually pretty prodigious :) I'm sure the developers will add more to the game in the future and I'm here for the ride!

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