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October 5, 2021


Shotgun Gaming Oy

Feel the thrill of shotgun shooting, hone your skills in virtual reality and challenge your friends in multiplayer competitions! Clay Hunt VR is a realistic shotgun sports game with clay shooting and hunting modes. Hunting season is always open!

Game works with just the controllers or you can attach them to a gun stock accessory for more realistic feel.

Shoot clays in various disciplines or go hunting, unlock new guns and mods like magazine for the semi-auto. Start easy with the Beginner mode and work your way up to beating the most challenging courses!

CLAY SHOOTING: American & International trap, double trap, skeet and sporting clays with multiple courses. You can even design your own five-stand courses in the new Creative mode. Clay pigeon flight paths and leads are accurately simulated.

HUNTING: Ducks, pigeons and pheasant drives in varying bird hunting challenges! Get more with add-ons: upland hunting with your dog and the thrilling boar hunting (they do try to knock you out)!

MULTIPLAYER: Join the Discord channel and participate on competitions or go shooting with friends on a private room.

GUN STOCKS: Play with just the controllers or attach them to a gun stock for a more realistic feel. You can calibrate most of the gun stocks but for serious practice, we recommend the Real Stock Pro from Texture VR. You can adjust the dimensions and the weight to match your real shotgun. Find more information about the gun stocks available in the Clay Hunt VR Facebook group.

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February 3, 2022


It’s very fun

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