Cleric and Goblins


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January 6, 2023



"Cleric and Goblins" is a hack-and-slash-like VR action game that features procedurally generated dungeons, a physics-based combat system, and item collection. The player's objective is to rescue the Cleric from the goblin-infested dungeon. Embark on an immersive adventure where your actions and decision-making skills will be put to the test. Be cautious of goblin traps, rescue the Cleric, and claim the finest loot!

As you wake up, you find yourself in an unfamiliar forest. Confused and sitting down, a mysterious cleric girl passes by. She is a traveling cleric and offers to guide you from this mysterious forest to a nearby town. You feel relieved and safely reach the town with her help. Upon arrival, she hands you a small amount of money and a self-defense knife before departing.A few days later, you learn that Cleric has been kidnapped by goblins. Determined to rescue her, you take the self-defense knife she gave you and venture into the dungeon.

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