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October 10, 2023



Step into the ultimate futuristic racket showdown right in your living room! Get ready to unleash your inner athlete and work up a sweat in an electrifying battle of ball-bouncing and brick-smashing mayhem.

• Challenge your friends or go solo in an action-packed experience that offers three thrilling multiplayer modes.
• If you're feeling competitive, climb the leaderboards as you conquer the single-player campaign.
• Transform your living room into the futuristic arena of champions with mixed reality!

Think you've got what it takes to obliterate every brick in your path?
• Swing those rackets with precision
• Wield laser guns with finesse
• Set off explosive balls while gracefully dodging shrapnel
• Charge up the piercing ball and snatch power-ups on the fly

Can you master the art of the ultimate brick-smashing spectacle?

• Single Player Campaign with 50 levels
• Multiplayer
• Endless Mode
• Mixed Reality
• Leaderboards


• Classic: Get ready for an epic showdown! You're locked in a high-octane battle against another player and the arenas overlap, forming a shared brick wall that demands fierce competition.
• Pressure: Obliterate as many bricks as humanly possible within the time limit and send them to your opponent!
• Endless: Prove your teamwork skills as you strive to conquer the endless spawning brick wall with your teammate and emerge triumphant!

(multiplayer and mixed reality for Meta Quest 2 and above)

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January 7, 2022


Played this game now everyday since release and have to say this game is now rivalling my favourite game Racket:Nx. It's everything you'd want from a VR Breakout game. I had a problem with aiming when I first started playing, but now I've got used to the gameplay and can aim pretty good, however aiming is still a problem when the bricks are close to you in Endless Mode. It's very difficult to hit angles when blocks are 1-2 spots from the line. Pulling off power shots when you absolutely need to destroy extremely close bricks is nigh impossible due to the lack of space. The developers need to rethink this so power shots can be executed on extremely close bricks. SUGGESTIONS *Power Shot capabilities need reviewing on Endless Mode (see above) *Multiplayer Mode would be fantastic #1 Multiplayer Mode: Has one player either end of the arena hitting the blocks in the middle, breaking the blocks that are slowly moving towards each player. #2 Multiplayer Mode: As above, but when a player hits a brick, that brick moves in the direction of the opposing player. *Although music is great and very fitting for the game, I would like an option to listen to my music. *POWER UPS #1: Magnet - That you can use every 30 seconds, so any bad shots (like those horrible zigzag shots that take ages to hit bricks) can be pulled back to your bat, then the magnet takes 30 seconds to recharge. #2: Shotgun - Basically takes out a number of bricks with one shot. #3: Sword/Lightsabre - Giving you the ability to smash close bricks , which would help with the above problem. #4: Freeze - Freezes the progress of the bricks in Endless Mode for a certain amount of time. #5: Big Ball - Can take out more bricks with one shot. Comparing this to my favourite racket & ball game Racket: Nx:- Graphics: Big Advantage - RacketNx. RacketNx is colourful and packed full of great little special effects making it a joy to play. Cybrix is a bit drab colour wise. But it's early days yet. Music: Advantage - RacketNx Both games have great music but RacketNx just pips Cybrix with the ability to play your own music. Sound FX: Big Advantage - RacketNx RacketNx is one the best games for sound FX on the Oculus. Extremely pleasing to the ear with a very charismatic voice guy. Cybrix sound FX is ok, a bit basic, although I love the gun laser sound FX (I swear I hear the classic 70's Battlestar Galactica laser sound in there!!). Cybrix voice guy is a bit Data-ish (from Star Trek). Exercise: Big Advantage - Cybrix You get a decent workout with RacketNx but Cybrix will have you sweating buckets in Endless Mode. Game modes/Options: Big Advantage - RacketNx Still early days yet for Cybrix with Campaign & Endless modes. RacketNx has Campaign, 3 Arcade modes, 1 vs 1 Multiplayer, Co-op Multiplayer and a Level Creator where you can share your levels. The makers of RacketNx even incorporate your created levels into the main game and Arcade modes! Addictiveness: Very Slight Advantage - RacketNx Both have me coming back for more, more than any other game on the Oculus. But due to my gripe at the start of the review, RacketNx just edges it. Most of the above is not massively important, but if Cybrix can provide more game modes, RacketNx will not be the only must-have bat 'n' ball game!!! I look forward to future updates/challenges/levels. Check out gameplay videos found on the Facebook Group called Ridoculus - Oculus Quest / SideQuest / App Lab.

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