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February 20, 2023


LubSoft Games

Dart Racer Demo is immersive VR arcade racing game set in a futuristic galaxy obsessed with speed. Master the intuitive controls, fine-tune your dart, and compete in thrilling races across a variety of captivating environments. Demo content is a subset of Early Access version, new content will be added as it becomes available!

Race in Quick Races!
Master tracks and test upgrades in Quick Race! These thrilling interstellar competitions test your skills and push you to outperform rivals, offering a competitive environment for aspiring racers.

Tune Up Your Dart!
Upgrade your dart with top-performing parts to meet the challenges ahead. Enhance its speed, acceleration, health, and handling by installing the best components available. Continuously optimizing your dart's performance is essential to stay competitive.

Customize Your Dart!
Express your style by customizing the visuals of your dart. Choose from a variety of designs, colors, and cosmetic elements to make it stand out on the racetrack. Personalize your dart to reflect your racing identity and showcase your creativity.

Master the Controls!
Become proficient in the unique controls of the dart. Master the intricacies of managing thrust, boosting, and executing advanced maneuvers. By honing your control skills, you can navigate challenging tracks, overtake opponents, and maintain optimal speed throughout the races.

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