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December 14, 2022


Alice Games FZE

Be Santa’s VR assistant and help him to make Christmas presents for everyone! All the elves have fled and left an awful mess!
Santa has a large number of letters for Christmas piled up — help him collect gifts to fulfill all requests. Not everything is always in its place in his workshop, and sometimes you’ll have to look under the table or sofa. The most inquisitive players will be able to find his secret caches! Look for toys and their parts everywhere! Improve your skills and abilities, and more complex tasks with new details and instructions will become available to you.

Dear Santa VR is a spatial puzzle game in which you have to find matching pieces among a lot of other interesting things. Put them together to make a toy!

- An interactive virtual reality experience that focuses on attention, imagination, and skill.
- Easy to understand — suitable for people of different ages!
- A combination of 3D hidden object and 3D puzzle game mechanics!
- A variety of toys, from simple to highly complex!
- Use your hands to assemble and connect!
- Keep your eyes open to find the hidden parts of the toys!
Christmas magic is here!

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