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July 25, 2022


Quarantine Studios VR

Are you ready for a thrill ride into the neon-lit streets of New Haven, where the death of the American dream meets advanced technology and the struggles of the working class?

In Deceptive Reality, a technoir Cyberpunk VR game for Quest 2 VR, you'll step into the shoes of Declan Raimond, an Edge Operator at Cortex. When the company's highly controversial brain chip (BMI) is leaked, you'll need to use your hacking and combat skills to survive the gritty neon-lit alleyways and break into Cortex's high-tech facilities.

You'll face tough decisions and dangerous enemies as you fight to uncover the truth behind the BMI chip. But be careful - the working class is fed up with the rich taking advantage of them, and they're marching towards Cortex's headquarters, ready to tear it apart.

With your boss Aya missing and the notorious vigilante hacker Cerebrus warning you of danger, it's up to you to get rid of all the evidence and survive in this cyberpunk world.

Download Deceptive Reality now and experience the thrill of cyberpunk action and adventure like never before.

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August 5, 2022


Arcade mode is cool! Support these devs and this game! Maybe you're getting the game cheap before it goes up in price? Surely will be amazing when it's finished, but before buying this, it's worth trying the free demo first since, at time of this review, the only addition here is arcade mode. Which is cool! Support this game!

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