Demo_ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos


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March 5, 2021


MyDearest Inc.

The best-rated paid Oculus Quest App as of January 2021 according to Road to VR!
This is the free demo of ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos.
You can play the beginning part of the unprecedented spectacular story.
If you love it, please purchase the actual product!

Dive 300 years into the future of Tokyo. Altdeus: Beyond Chronos is a sci-fi adventure full of robot battles, pop music, and emotion. It features 15-20 hours of gameplay with one of the largest branching storylines ever in a VR game.
Become Chloe, a mecha pilot who will have her revenge and annihilate the Meteora once and for all. Pilot a giant mecha and make the decisions to determine humanity’s future. Explore new choices to uncover new branches of the story and discover all of ALTDEUS’ endings!
This game is highly recommended for people who don’t have a high tolerance against motion sickness.

Discover the truth, destroy the enemy, and enjoy the cyberspace pop concerts!

*This free demo does not include the concert part

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September 5, 2021


This is a very good demo, it really sells you on the game if you like Visual Novels. It also has english audio!

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