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October 26, 2021



Easy for VR beginners!
The functions are focused on a few, making it simple to operate. Even those who are not familiar with VR can immediately focus on communication.

Small space for your acquaintances
This place can hold up to 10 people at the same time. This version is open-space as a demo version, but the regular version can be used closed. So, you can relax and enjoy conversation with your friends, families, or team mates.

Bonding in a warm & cozy space
Most of the time, it takes active engagements to create a bond. But maybe, sharing a starry sky and the crackling sound of firewoods could be enough for us to feel connection to the people next to you. Digital Campfire provides warm and comfortable space for every people!

■ Spec List
- 10 users at the same time (If there are more than 10 people in the room, the mode will switch to world browsing only. )
- Voice chat with spacial audio
- Full body avatar (2 types)
- Cave & campfire world

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