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July 24, 2023



Start a journey of magical adventure as Drakheir beckons you! Assume the mantle of a gifted wizard, entrusted with the monumental task of saving the world. Your path unfolds across a cyclical quest that spans dimensions, unveiling long-guarded secrets of the realm.

◉Hand Tracking Magic with Precision, an Unforgettable Gaming Experience!

Unleash single-handed or dual-handed skills, and master various elements like ice, fire, and lightning! A simple snap of your fingers sets off chain reactions, and the fusion of elements offers a marvelous experience.

◉Verbal Conjurings, Enjoy the Fun of Magic

With simple verbal conjurings, you can switch movement modes, change directions, and unleash enhanced ice and fire magic. Experience the immersive gameplay as your voice becomes a powerful tool in the world of Drakheir.

◉Master Your Magic Skills in the Tutorial

Receive detailed guidance and hints to unlock the secrets of gameplay, including unleashing the powers of ice, fire, and more. Explore, practice, and master a variety of skills to conquer enemies with strategic combat strategies.

◉Rogue-lite Elements and Boss Battle Gameplay, Challenge Your Limits

Upon vanquishing all adversaries within a level, prepare to acquire a random magic skill, where each choice unlocks a distinctive gameplay experience. Embrace the realm of strategy and diversity as you select the most suitable magic for each situation, showcasing your formidable battle prowess.

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