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June 24, 2021


The Yarn Corporation

Welcome to Driftspace! Driftspace is a platform for creating immersive VR stories by combining 360 video, text, images, links, and other media. Driftspace allows you to create interactive video stories in VR and to share them with others, as well as to browse the drifts made by others. Driftspace also support a real-time social VR experience, letting you experience your content with anyone in the world!

Combine, create, and share using Driftspace's intuitive headset design interface and seamless web dashboard integration—then invite your friends to join and experience your creations together! With a few simple clicks you'll be ready to create your own incredible VR spaces. Then connect them together with our linking feature and hit "Publish" to share your experiences with your friends and family or with potential customers or clients. Anything is possible with Driftspace!

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October 13, 2021


Of course, every once i a while a game is played on the Quest. But most of my time on the Quest is spent watching qualitative 360 storytelling experiences. While 360 cameras are getting more affordable and better quality, Driftspace allows you to create non-linear storytelling narratives on the Quest yourself. Simply upload your assets in the dashboard and put everything in place on the headset. This works very intuitively and you immediately feel and understand how the final result will look like. It is also a lot of fun to explore what other people are creating on the platform. New drifts are created daily and the platform is attracting more and more creatives sharing beautiful “drifts”. With the development still in early stage, there’s some room for growth, but the team is very responsive and helpful in guiding you through the app and creation process. And best of all: if you have a friend with another headset, you can simultaneously experience a “drift” for an extra dynamic experience. The app is also very useful for judging and prototyping 360 experiences in a more professional context.

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