Enterprise Forklift OSHA Training Simulator


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June 11, 2021


ChalkBites, Inc.

Learn to drive a forklift in VR. Prepare yourself for a forklift certification exam. A certificate indicates that you have been trained and evaluated to operate a fork truck safely. OSHA requires that employees who regularly operate forklift machinery be certified to do so. Tailored to meet OSHA safety standards, our simulator will help prepare you for your forklift certification today!

The Enterprise Forklift OSHA Training Simulator includes the following exercises:
• Checklists: Perform pre-operational and operational forklift inspections.
• Operate: Practice driving forward and in reverse. Learn how to accurately turn and position the vehicle.
• Loading: Train to properly lift and move materials around a warehouse environment.
• Unloading: Learn best practices for lowering and dropping off packages safely.
• Explore: Review a 3D model of a forklift and learn about each component in detail.
• Quiz: Take a quiz and put your forklift knowledge to the test.

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August 21, 2021


My Grandson is really grateful that he completed the first phase of the Forklift simulation. An employer hired him full time. Thank you for developing this great app. He will complete the remaining phases.

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