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August 30, 2021


Kreis Experiences Inc.

Welcome to Espace V! The immersive space to connect, experience, and engage with Francophone cultures in a variety of digital media forms.
Inspired by the upcoming real-world building of Alliance Française Vancouver, Espace V is the permanent cultural gallery in the virtual world.
We invite you to explore the modern space, socialize with other users, admire 2D art, photography, and dive into curated award-winning VR pieces of local and international artists.

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October 16, 2021


This is amazing. The information given, the films which are available, the way the virtual space was conceived - simple, clear, efficient - and the fact you can talk to other visitors. I did not know the "Alliance Française" before, and I have learned a lot ! It makes me want to go there to see the real building when the construction is over. Well done ! Note for the developers : I have encountered a technical issue regarding the spatialisation of sound in the films : the sound appeared to be centred at my left so if I wanted to hear properly I had to look left a bit "too much", maybe you could re-centre the soundtracks?

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