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July 16, 2021



This is a DEMO including two exercise

VR Fencing Trainer Combines a Virtual or Real Eppie Rapier and Saber with Virtual Exercises

A game complex of exercises aimed at reaction and attention. The athlete learns and practice to attack and defend with sets of challenges.

Muscle memory and motor skills are formed through practice and repetition of exercises in VR with a real or virtual blade

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August 1, 2021


Info in advance: I've been following this app for a long time and already supported the developer before it was released in the Oculus App Lab Store. Fencer VR is virtual fencing training. It's not a game but will be a real VR experience of a sweaty fencing workout when it's done. And the foundation stone has been laid absolutely! Of course, the feeling of wielding a foil, a heavy epee or even a saber is far from perfect. This is due to many things: in-game physics, the far too light weight of the Oculus controller and, especially with the foil and epee, the type of grip shown. On the third point: yes, the controller is closest to the pistol grip, but the implementation in the app is a French one. On the first and second point: the developer impressively shows that you should be able to circumvent these problems by attaching an Oculus controller to your fencing weapon. But, as I already wrote, the developer is on the right track. If you try hard to follow the training, it can be very sweaty. And yes, not every exercise makes sense at first glance, such as the flying epee. However, I understand why the developer initially solved it like this: It is much easier and faster to implement than letting the dummy opponent do a real battle. By the way, my favorite bug is the one when you try to put a coupé in front of your opponent. Try it out, you will be very amused! ;-) Finally, I would like to mention that I was an active tournament fencer for more than a decade and had to give up my favorite sport due to health problems. I was placed high in the Westphalia ranking list in the weapon foil and was a trained youth trainer and referee. So I know what I'm talking about. PS: I will not comment on the developer's target price model; he will have his reasons for setting these prices and I - who is also a software developer - respect his decision.

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