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March 11, 2021


Daniel Ali

Use the given Figures to fill the empty Fields . Use the Touch Controllers or the Game Menu to control the music.
Full Room-Scale with different zoom stages.
Just fill all the empty wood blocks with the given figures to advance to the next level.

Please copy your music files by making a new folder called figureout inside the music folder.

- 100 Levels
- Easy to pickup
- Use your own Music
- Full Oculus Touch controller support
- Dark and light background to choose from (B/Y Button)
- Different scale sizes
- Two different difficulties

Controller Mapping:
A/X Button: Open menu
B/Y Button: Dark/Light Background
Use both Grab Buttons to control the camera
Both Joysticks:
Up/Down: Scale scene
Press: Play/Stop Song
Right/Left: Next/Previous Song
Press both Trigger Buttons when a level is solved to quickly advance to the next level

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June 15, 2021


Good game, great game! The handtracking was smooth though u prefer using the controllers it works well seated and all the puzzles get prggressivly harder as you go but i promise its worth it! Though there are a few bugs like no saving or when you hold a cube it keeps its size even if you shrink the table If you continue this you can either make the cube disapear and break the level or make the cube soo big you cant move it

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