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July 14, 2022


MiYa Games

“Floating World” is an ocean-themed survival game with great building and crafting mechanics. You will have to scavenge for food and resources, build yourself shelter to survive every single day. Taming animals, building houses, crafting tools, your genius may guide you through this oceanic world.

As an early access version of the game, Floating World offers a vast world of islands, plotlines, puzzles, and building materials, including new and exciting tools to explore. With continuous updates, we're always working to improve the game and make it even more enjoyable for our players. If you have any ideas or suggestions, join our Discord community and share them with us. Come and discover the vast oceanic world of Floating World today!


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July 19, 2022


As you can see from the title, this is just like raft, but in VR. Due to it being developed in Chinese and then translated to English, there are a few mistranslations, but overall it is excellent. Since I've been playing for a while, (making it to about day 45 so far), I'd like to share some tips for newer players. At the start, you will have 6 raft floors, a grappling hook for grabbing trash, and a station used to recycle trash and create new objects, using these items, you expand and find floating items for materials. You generally want to recycle everything, but the 'delivery boxes'. These boxes contain many helpful things, such as seeds, materials, and, albeit rarely, blueprints. You mainly want the blueprints, but you also want to save the seeds for later, you can recycle the materials later. Work on expanding your area with the materials you have, and add nets to collect items when you are busy expanding, these nets are really good, and you will need them, especially during the late game when you are busy working on a lot of other projects. Pro Tip: When grabbing objects from the sea, after you have grabbed them and pulled them in with your grappling hook, press a/x to quickly put them in your backpack, when you have collected enough, you can then use the grip to pull out the whole stack, and put in a mass amount of the same item at once, which saves you a bunch of time. This can also work with breaking the boxes, to get every item out at once.

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