FPS Enhanced Reality


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November 18, 2022


VirtualGo LLC

You are physically the player in one of the first Passthrough first person shooter games. Setup up your entire play area using the power of Enhanced Reality with a faster and ever improving setup. Choose a game mode and survive for a given amount of time to unlock new difficulties. Defend your play area in your own home!

In order to enjoy this game, you must watch the entire tutorial in the beginning and play close attention to detail. Missing a small step can affect your experience. The player must have the correct headset settings and make sure that the headset software is updated.

If you are having difficulty with the setup or the experience, please check out the video tutorials on my YouTube channel (DavidMVRGo) and leave a comment stating the issue and I will get back to you.

More content and improvements will be coming in the future to this game. Your support, reviews, and feedback will help this game evolve as this is just the start.

- If there are tracking and performance issues with your headset and you experience scene shifting or limited visibility, restart your headset and delete guardian history through the settings menu. Redraw your guardian bounds to fill the whole area. These issues are from the headset and not the app itself.

- If passthrough does not show up, double tap the Oculus home button to fix or restart the app.

Quest 2 and Quest Pro supported.

Quest 1 is not supported

If you enjoyed the app, please leave a review as it really helps!

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