Freerunner Championship


Release date

October 31, 2023


Maze Theory Limited

In Freerunner Championship, every move you make is a step towards perfection or failure. This is where precision and strategy collide, with the ultimate goal of reigning supreme on the global leaderboard.

**ELITE CHALLENGE:** Engage in a cutthroat global competition, aiming for the elusive perfect run to secure the premier position in international rankings.

**UNFORGIVING PRECISION:** With unforgiving gameplay, each jump and landing holds the weight of victory or defeat. Here, precision is more than skill—it's your arsenal to surpass competitors and set new records.

**5 INTENSE LEVELS:** Tackle five levels, each demanding flawless parkour execution. These stages are designed not just to challenge but to test the limits of your virtual freerunning abilities.

Freerunner Championship is a relentless pursuit of the perfect run, where even the slightest mistake is unacceptable. **Do you have the skill, the strategy, and the nerve to become the Freerunner champion?**

**Freerunner Championship is a Maze Theory i-labs community prototype. We would love to hear your feedback!**

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