FTD: Find the Difference



Joygame Oyun ve Teknoloji

Welcome to an enchanting world where your keen observation skills and VR technology intertwine to create a captivating gaming experience. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey through 18 distinct room types, ranging from a delightful bakery to a thrilling arcade and a warm living room. Your mission in this immersive VR game is to detect the differences between two versions of each room, using your visual acuity, memory, and problem-solving abilities.
Upon entering each room, you are granted a generous 30 seconds to familiarize yourself with its layout and the placement of various objects. Take in every detail, noting the positions of furniture, decorations, and other items, as they will serve as your reference points. Immerse yourself in the virtual environment, exploring from different angles and vantage points to enhance your understanding of the room's intricacies.
Once the initial observation phase ends, a wave of changes sweeps through the room. Some objects vanish from their original positions, creating a challenge for your sharp eyes. Equipped with the ability to transport yourself seamlessly between the base room and the altered version, you can swiftly compare the two and pinpoint the discrepancies. This feature empowers you to leverage your VR capabilities to their fullest extent, allowing for quick and efficient identification of the changes.

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