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October 30, 2023


DelightScape Interactives

**FunFitLand is still in development and offers limited content. Become one of our first by joining our community and sharing your invaluable feedback!**
Discord: discord.gg/KRcCrRAdvV
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/funfitlanderrealm/

Discover FunFitLand: Dive into a world of truly innovative fitness adventures. Encounter workouts that feel instinctive, utterly delightful, and unmistakably new. JOIN ALPHA TODAY and co-create a fitness journey that resonates with your vibe.

DanceFit: More Than Just Dance
Experience dance in a new light with DanceFit, where every beat turns into a spontaneous step, making each workout feel like a lively dance party. Whether with a controller or just your hands, the experience is immersive, allowing you to explore the essence of movement in a fitness-oriented manner.

CombatFit: Embrace the Fighter Within
Unleash your energy with CombatFit. Engage in sequences that feel organic. Each strike and combo brings a rush, making workouts thrilling.

** Hand-Tracking (Experimental) **
Go controller-free! Natural hand movements lead you through a new world of possibilities — chop, slash, even finger snaps!

️ Real Coaches, Always On
With our dedicated coaches by your side, you're never alone. They guide, motivate, and help you harness the full potential of every session.

A Visual Feast
Enjoy workouts within stunning landscapes that enhance your fitness journey with beauty and engagement.

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