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March 12, 2021


Ronnie Hedlund

A single player space shooter game. You are in control of a ship and the goal is to race against the clock to get the fastest time (race), or transport cargo to get the best score (mission). All done in a narrow space cave filled with evil enemies. Featuring interactive music, realistic physics and challenging game-play.

There are 55 official levels and 16 user created missions. The replay of the record scores are possible to view from the game for others to see how it was done. There are also 21 achievements to unlock.

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July 6, 2021


Remember the old 1980s arcade game moon lander that cost a quarter to play? No? Well my little young Vr maniacs, let me give you a quarter so you can call the 1980s and find out! Your a moon lander that needs to navigate the harshness of gravity while piloting your asteroids shaped ship through a maze while avoiding things that are shooting at you. Did I mention gravity? For free this game is f&(@ing fun! Even looks better than the original game! How can you go wrong with this! I could throw my two cent suggestions but why? Developers do your thing. Whatever it is. I’ll be happy to see it. Everyone else just have fun! For the best experience every time you play a game put a quarter on the table and say out loud, I’m next!

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