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June 28, 2021


Frozen Dreams

Experience a unique game that combines the challenge of Golf with the rules of Pool! Set in various beautiful and physically realistic environments, Golf Pool VR is a competitive and fun game you can play solo or with friends.

Key Features:

- Player vs AI.
- Two player MP competitive mode.
- Arcade mode with 10 SP mini levels.
- Detailed and immersive environments. Experience the solitude of the moon or the adrenaline - rush of a game or two on top of a skyscraper!
- Accurate physics based gameplay mechanics.
- 8-Ball Pool (Blackball) rules currently implemented.
- Additional bonus game modes.
- Binaural 3d sound system.

*(feel free to join the Community Discord channel to find other players and schedule MP match with them https://discord.gg/ZGAHEuA )

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November 8, 2021


This is a really cool concept for a game, and arguably the best way you could imagine playing pool in VR on a standalone headset (where the cameras would not see your other hand). The graphics are excellent and the environments are very immersive. Arcade mode is a lot of fun. I have a couple of comments, which in no way wreck the game but could improve it further. For the price it's a no-brainer though. Also, the developer is very responsive and friendly/open to feedback. - The club won't lengthen or shorten in the penguin mode. - On that note, the penguin mode could do with a few more details (e.g. you can knock the balls around until they are in the water). Once I figured it out, I did really like this mode, even without being able to change club length (although this bug did make things more awkward). The jumping Orca was a cool feature that could be repeated more often. - The instructions could do with some polish. I really like the arcadey nature of the menu buttons, but the text for instructions just doesn't have the same level of polish. I find this true of a lot of VR games though. - I liked the music when it came on. It would be cool to be able to toggle this kind of thing on at any point. - At one point, the AI pocketed the white. This put the white back in a place where I had two shots but was snookered from my balls. This surely seems an error. - Arcade mode was great fun. It would be awesome if there were even more puzzles, as it really left me wanting more. - Add access to achievements/leaderboard from main menu outside of a game.

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