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September 18, 2023


3lbGames Inc.

Grok: To understand something intuitively or by empathy.

Grokit is a hand tracking multiplayer mixed reality game aimed at rapid fire interactions. Inspired by the party games of old, players are dropped into bizarre situations where they must evaluate their environment and act in a short amount of time.

Play in your own room with mixed reality passthrough or in traditional virtual reality in a variety of handcrafted environments.

Grokit is built from the ground up to leverage more of what the new hardware can do. See what’s possible with scene understanding, with game objects interacting with your and your friends’ rooms and furniture. Fast and smooth hand tracking means no more dealing with controllers.

Play your way, with multiple character customization options available for avatars, hats, and watches, as well as a selection of environments and music.

Grokit is also an excellent way to introduce your friends to VR and MR because it’s easy to pick up, or grok, and the engaging challenges can be enjoyed in short play sessions. Perfect for family gatherings and fun for all ages!

This is just the beginning of our Grokit journey. Future updates will include additional micro-levels, longer content mini-levels, more customization options, holiday and other special events, mobile asymmetrical play, and more, oh my!

Grokit is a work in progress, with much more content coming, buy now to help support development!

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