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January 15, 2023


Pellas Innovation

Welcome to shooting in 120 fps at our target-rich farm! This fun sandbox range gives you 26 weapons and various targets. Blast and fight with accurate ballistics and weapon mechanics!

Assault rifles (full auto): M4 5.56 - AK-47 7.62 - L85a3 5.56
Submachineguns (full auto): FN P90 5.7 - MAC-10 .45ACP - MP5A3 9mm - MP5SD 9mm - Thompson M1928A1 .45ACP
Support: M203 40mm under-barrel - M67 Hand grenade
Rifles (semi-auto): AR-15 5.56 - Dragunov 7.62 - Barrett M107 .50-cal - M24 bolt action .308
Shotguns (12G): SPAS-12 - Benelli M4 - Mossberg Side-by-side - Beretta Over/under - "Mad Max" - Sawn-off pump - AA12 (full auto)
Handguns: M1911 .45ACP - Glock 17 9mm - Desert Eagle .50 - Beretta M9 9mm - Glock 44 .22lr - Colt Python 6-inch .357
Red dot optics, scopes, bipods, lasers and suppressors can be fitted, and firing modes selected.

Short and long ranges with:
- scarecrows that can hunt you,
- a ShootBarn - clear rooms and corridors,
- plinking, spinning, and destructible targets,
- scoring targets, moving or stationary,
(bullseye, IPSC, and silhouette targets)
- clay pigeons, trap and skeet,
- the farmer's truck,
- chickens and hogs,
- a pumpkin launcher,
- a 3-gun range,
and more!

Discord invite: https://discord.gg/r3JYKWMYME
E-mail: gunsgame-1@yahoo.com
Subreddit: reddit.com/r/gunsgame

Accurate ballistics and loading mechanics. 120 Hz works on the Quest 2 and 3 if enabled there in Settings/Experimental features! Install size is around 140MB.

This game has a free demo to try - GUNSdemo on App Lab.

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