Hang Gliding - VR Experience


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March 20, 2023


Myrtus XR

- Explore a snowy mountain valley on a hang glider.
- A relaxing flight through this stunning landscape with frozen lakes and forests.
- Use your body to control the flight like in a real hang glider.
- Use boost rings for a longer flight.
- Try to find a mysterious crash site.

- Real parked hang glider.
- Structure simulating a hang glider.
- Sensory swing.
- Hammock chair / Swing. (Simulates a supine hang glider.)
(less comfortable)
- Working at height equipment.
- Nest swing.
- Hammock.
- Mechanic creeper / Platform trolley.
- Horizontal tire swing.
(Do not use)
- Chair with wheels.
- Swings with little body contact area.

- Suction Cup Grab Bars are a safe and practical alternative to fixed bars.
- Use a fan to increase the feeling of immersion.

- Do not use open hooks, lateral movements can cause the rig to come loose from the hook, use carabiners instead.
- Do not use chairs with wheels, a wheel could lock sideways and overturn the chair.
- Do not use improvised or poorly fixed bars.
- Wrap the bar with foam and use a mattress below your body.
- Never use handrails in high places as a bar.
- It is recommended that you always have someone close to help in any situation.

This is a challenging and laborious Quest port of the classic Unreal Landscape Mountains Showcase.
All credits to the talented team at Epic Games related to the original project. (The original project is available for free at the Unreal Marketplace.)

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