Hauntify Mixed Reality


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February 22, 2022


Virtual Go LLC

Hauntify MR can be played in any type of building including single or multistory! The player must setup their play space using the game's built in features to enhance their experience. We want to give the player creative freedom to create a horror game and place props around their environment. Some ghosts can be summoned in player defined spawn points and other ghosts appear in completely random locations around your house. As you collect more relics, increasing dangerous spirits will be summoned.

Hauntify MR features fully dynamic AI that is capable of navigating your house. The different ghost types with have unique abilities.

Before playing read the instructions on how to set up your play space. To save your wall setup, exit the app before hitting continue on the first wall spawn menu.

Regular updates will occur, this game is in early development.

Check out the Hauntify Setup Tutorial Video. The video link is on SideQuest.

Optimized only for the Quest 2.

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February 24, 2022


I almost do not want to play this. I want to support the development of games that are similar though. I like the idea of using an integrated system such as the pass-through to generate a interactive virtual environment in a real environment. I still have nightmares about watching the first Ghostbusters in theater but friends family and others do enjoy so I will Embrace and add it to my virtual quiver. Looking forward to trying it in a warehouse I'm a truck driver so I don't have room in my tractor.