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August 22, 2023


Beagle Games

In the year 2096, an oppressive totalitarian Order tightens its grip on the once-vibrant city. Amidst this bleak dystopia, a brave squad of Hellcats emerges, dedicated to dismantling the ruthless dictatorship and restoring freedom to the people. Become the valiant helicopter gunner aboard the Stingray, their deadly and cutting-edge gunship helicopter.

High-Octane Combat: Experience non-stop action as you unleash a hail of bullets from the helicopter's door gun, mowing down hordes of enemies below. Navigate through immersive levels filled with thrilling story-driven moments.

Defend Your Squad: Take on the role of the squad's aerial guardian, providing critical air support as your comrades fight on the ground. Protect them from above and secure victory for the resistance.

Realism Redefined: Immerse yourself in a realistic world where enemies react dynamically to your onslaught. Interact with destructible environments and feel the power of your weaponry with animated bullet belts, casings, and clips.

VR-Optimized: Designed exclusively for VR, Heliraid offers a comfortable yet adrenaline-pumping experience with minimal locomotion. Step into the cockpit and feel the rush of combat like never before.

Weapons and Power-ups: Arm yourself with a diverse range of weaponry, each with its own unique feel and handling. As you progress, unlock more powerful guns and discover game-changing power-ups to turn the tide of battle.

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