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July 29, 2021


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HitMotion: Reloaded is a new way of doing fitness in VR. Step inside virtual reality, and stay fit while having fun!

HitMotion is about moving inside a virtual ring, punching targets fast and dodging the attacks of bars coming towards you. There is no front rail like in many other similar games, but a ring where you fight the enemies appearing all around you. The training is pretty intense, and in a few minutes, you are going to punch many targets and sweat a lot. And if a level is too easy for you, don't worry: you can customize the force required to hit the targets and also the duration of the level to best suit your training needs.

The game is currently in alpha, and in this free demo, you can play 2 training levels + 8 static workout levels. You can play in AR or VR and even customize your music. We plan to introduce leaderboards, daily challenges, dynamic levels, and much more in a future full release of HitMotion if we get enough funding.

Are you ready for the fitness battle?

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January 11, 2022


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