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June 22, 2022



New medical education platform "Holoeyes Edu" by VR

1. Understanding human anatomy, techniques, and techniques in 3D space with VR
It is possible to browse basic anatomy / clinical anatomy and surgical procedures by viewing VR-converted human body data with 3D polygons.

2. Anyone can create original VR teaching materials by recording the movement and voice of 3D model data in a three-dimensional space.
Original VR teaching material content can be created simply by reading the 3D data of the basic anatomy or the clinical anatomy that you own, and recording the audio commentary and hand movements by the instructor.

3. User's learning behavior history can be acquired Visualize the effect on understanding and grades by utilizing VR
Visualize the learning situation of the entire organization, by utilizing VR
You can see the degree of understanding, the effect of improving grades, and the degree of contribution.

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