King Of Hell - Prototype Version


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July 16, 2021



This is a prototype game, this price is a symbolic value to help developers upgrade the game, add more levels, and help us complete this game. Thanks for believing us! (We recommend using hand tracking)

King of Hell is a first-person tower defense game. In this game, you can help your towers to protect your door to block enemies invade your captured floor and HQ where you have your plans to dominate the hell.

How many floors you dominate, more close you going to be a King Of Hell

You need to use hand movements to cast magic, your abilities and memory define casting speed and your success. This is not easy! But I believe in your abilities!

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May 22, 2022


There is a book that tells you how to do things like cast spells and place towers. But it could do with a playable tutorial the book could tell you how to start the level. But other than that great game. ---------------------------------------------------- Now let's talk about glitches I found when I use controllers the hands are weird. ---------------------------------------------------- Overall, the game is pretty good 5/5 I would like to see more updates. ---------------------------------------------------- I would pay 5 maybe 10 bucks if the bugs were fixed.

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