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February 9, 2022



You are chosen to be the next apprentice of a mighty wizard. You will be tried by the old sage and his tests for the grand journey that awaits you. Will you be up for the challenge and rise up as the chosen one or fail like many already have before you?

Kurja has adventure, puzzles, magic and combat to challenge you, young apprentice. Oh, and a flying magic carpet - previously unseen in virtual reality!

Obtain your wizard toolset for the quest in front of you, weave your spells as it is supposed to be done, collect the gear for the spirit of an old Wizard who tags along you and get ready to be amazed by the mysterious world of Kurja.

This is the demo of an upcoming full title for all adventure hungry Questers! The current demo offers main gameplay features (exploring, puzzling, flying, collectibles, spells, combat & interactable familiar) for you to experience for free. Any feedback you have for us will be valued highly and can impact the gameplay and features in the final product.

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