Little Lost Bobbles


Release date

May 8, 2024



In Little Lost Bobbles, the search for the endearing Little Lost Bobbles offers two delightful modes of exploration. Take to the skies aboard the Jellycopter, a whimsical flying contraption designed for scouting missions. Navigate the landscapes from above, scanning the terrain for any signs of the adorable Bobbles. Once spotted, swoop down and carefully scoop them up, ensuring their safe return to their families.

Alternatively, opt for a more grounded approach by traversing the land on foot. Wander through lush forests, and rocky terrains, keeping a keen eye out for any hidden treasures nestled within the bushes. As you tread lightly, you'll stumble upon Little Lost Bobbles peeking out shyly or frolicking amidst the foliage. Extend a helping hand, offering them comfort and companionship as you guide them back to safety.

Whether you choose to soar through the skies or embark on a leisurely stroll, the adventure awaits in Little Lost Bobbles, where every discovery brings you closer to the heart of this whimsical world.

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