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January 31, 2022


Bright Corners LLC

Dear Volunteer,
Thanks for accepting our invitation to run through these challenging trials. We'll be testing your cognitive and motor functions as you pilot a little ship around a variety of environments. The ship is very touchy, quite expensive, and it will break on just about everything. Don't worry though, you'll only be graded on your performance! We've established strict metrics to stimulate your competitive spirit and get your blood pumping. You can even compare yourself to other volunteers to see how well you are doing. Just a little friendly competition, nothing nefarious on our end. On that note, please do your very best and try to have fun.

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February 13, 2022


It is quite often the simple things in life that will give the most unexpected joy. Lost in place is one those joyous moments where you realise you have found a real gem of a game, that will likely and unfortunately be missed by many. The idea is simple, control your drone, a mini lunar lander, take off from one pad and land at another in as quick a time as is possible. The execution becomes progressively more tricky and difficult as you need to collect tokens along the way whilst avoiding household objects, such as chairs, lamps or tables, even flying into the eaves of a roof over and through timber beam framework. Your lander is controles using a single controller, either left or right, the trigger is your thrust and the direction mapped to the controller and therefore your wrist movements. You are able to teleport yourself around the environment to allow you to gain a better view, I tended to stick in the starting location, physically turning myself to follow the landers path. There are currently 5 household locations that become open to you the more tokens you collect and to win these tokens you need to complete each of the challenges within the times allowed. And here lies the real challenge of the game, I found myself constantly repeating the same errors in my quest to shave those few important seconds of my time. This did lead me to frustration, but at my own lack of coordination rather than the games mechanics, and lead me to try just that once more, knowing that perfect flight could indeed be this next one. I love this game, the commentary from my unseen tutor is hilarious at times, being inspired by the likes of Portal and Esper, the visuals do more than enough to give you the impression that you are in a virtual creation of a home, this is a simulation, that also seems to have been haunted by a poltergeist as the furniture in later levels is strewn around the environment. Trust me, try this, you will love it… oh and check out the world leaderboards for each challenge.

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