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November 2, 2022


VisualLight Co., Ltd.

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In this cooking simulation, you will be baking Fish Bread in a street food stall with the help of the Fish Bread Fairies.
Prepare Fish Bread and drinks to order for your hungry customers.
Complete the game's missions!
Upgrade your stats and cooking equipment!
Befriend other Fish Bread Fairies and learn their Fish Bread recipes!

Features :

*Pick up and interact with all kinds of objects around you. There is more to the game besides cooking Fish Bread!
*Enjoy the unique, cartoony art style, and make colorful and animated Fish Bread snacks.
*Interact with cute Fish Bread Fairies.
*Complete the game missions and engage in funny cutscenes with the Fish Bread Fairies.
*Sell Fish Bread and develop your business.
Make your street stall the most popular stop in downtown!

Satisfy your impatient customers. Keep troublemakers away from your business. Become a master Fish Bread Chef. Do you have what it takes?

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