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March 21, 2023


Happy Beatnik Games, LLC

Challenge Slick Willie Puttman in this FREE nine hole demo of Mini Golf Hustler

Hazards include armed torpedoes, tentacled arms, ornery tikis and more

Multiple betting games, including skins, match play and the fearsome traveling snake. All played at the same time.

Offer side bets on any opponent putt

Off-course putting (and betting) challenges

Traditional and wacky putters; guitars, sledgehammers, rifles and more

Handicaps calculated and applied to the betting games

Distract your opponent with a bullhorn

In-app purchases fund future development of more holes and opponents

Play sitting, standing or move around the room

Multiplayer coming SOON

Discord (https://discord.gg/xvhgzHP53D)
o Offer new hole suggestions, report bugs
o Find out the latest developer news and updates
o Meet fellow players
o Love to hear from you

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